Getting rid of recorded telephone messages

Written by Ed Beckmann Thursday, 17 November 2011 01:47

Do you get annoyed by recorded telephone messages about payment protection plans, personal insurance injury claims, and the like?

You may have already registered with the Telephone Preference Service ( but still get calls from numbers like 08445 598960; 002135371000 and 07012212212 amongst many others and wonder what you can do next.

Well, my approach will not instantly get rid of them, but will make the practice much less profitable – DO NOT HANG UP, just put the phone down for a few minutes then put it back on the hook.

Why this will work

Bulk calling companies rely on one person in many calls either phoning back (at a high rate) or taking up their services. By staying on the line for a minute or two instead of slamming the receiver down immediately, you tie up the machines for much longer and the caller will take much longer to get the the next sucker.

Won’t I lose business?

If your telephone is a business one that needs constant attention then this trick may not be for you. For most others, leaving the phone on the desk for a minute is unlikely to lose you an important call, but will start to erode this industry.

Please pop a link here to anyone you think is annoyed by recorded telesales.

Next week I will let you know how I get revenge on paper junk mail.