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Written by Ed Beckmann Thursday, 10 February 2011 04:09

At long last the project for people running an organisation or their own business is ready to launch this week.

Making business and social enterprise more simple

Simply Work for Yourself offers different levels of engagement, all with the same objective of sharing ideas, taking jargon out of enterprise and making things simple. Every level follows our tried-and-tested seven themes, which apply whether you are working for yourself, running a larger company or involved in leading a social enterprise or community group.

At one level, there will be regular postings about current business or social enterprise issues, which people can access free of charge. Our own rule is that every posting will contain information of value to the reader, and will suggest an action that could be taken.

Next is the ‘up and running’ course, which will be available in late March 2011 for subscription after testing (contact us if you want to be part of the focus group or register for priority subscription). The course has a wealth of material, interactive forums and self-checks that cleverly adapt the depth of learning to what you need right now. Up and running is invaluable for staring up a new venture, community project or social enterprise. Because it adapts to your existing knowledge, it is also ideal for the small but expanding organisation to take things to the next level.

For the more established venture or for a fast-track to high performance we have ‘making progress’. Using the same principles and similar range of learning methods, you can explore how things work in much more depth, still in a practical and down-to-earth way.

Specialist courses – applying for grant funding

Because we were asked to deliver EU training for some grant applicants, we offer a course specifically aimed at people looking to gain the skills involved in making a good funding application. Although a good project needs the same foundation skills that we deliver in ‘up and running’ and ‘making progress’, success depends on how well you can express your ideas.

Other specialist courses

We want you to build on our foundations and learn about things that we are not experts in, in-house. So we will be offering other training companies the opportunity to deliver their material using our infrastructure, so that everyone can enjoy interacting at every level of expertise in the community area, which is open to everyone. More details here