BT technical support scam

Written by Ed Beckmann Monday, 30 January 2012 01:21

Scam calls allegedly from BT technical support are around again

They say they have logged a fault that you get slow or intermittent connection through your broadband, and there is a delay or freezing pages. If you have time to quiz them they want to know what browser you use (their first guess is Internet Explorer but of course form the other end real equipment would be able to tell), and they assume that you use windows.

People are told that they may have a virus and then get sucked into thinking they have a problem. They are onto a plausible story because windows, especially if you browse with Internet Explorer and have not had a revamp recently, can often freeze or have slow and intermittent problems, whether you have a virus or not.

The contact details they leave are Sean Hall of 08555 807079 – he gave up when I said I use Linux and therefore have no need for his alleged solutions.

Do add any more contact names or numbers if you experience this, so anyone can trace the story.

Useful resources

You might want to get a basic book to understand the basics of what you need to take care of , and ways in which people can raise false alarms – Computer Viruses for Dummies