Cost of using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Written by Ed Beckmann Thursday, 18 October 2012 02:40

Why Upgrade from IE7

An online retailer is imposing a tax on customers using Internet Explorer 7 web browser. Getting some members of the public to keep up with new technology can be almost as difficult as getting your brand some headline exposure in the competitive Internet marketplace. Australian online electronics retailer Kogan is attempting to kill both birds with one stone by implementing an “Internet Explorer 7 Tax” on customers who use the somewhat outdated browser when they make purchases. The tax will be levied at 6.8 per cent – 0.1 per cent for each month of IE7’s existence. IE7-using customers who place an order will get a pop-up message explaining the tax and offering links to download alternative browsers that will avoid the surcharge.

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From an article in ZEN Internet newsletter.

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