Getting your book published

Written by Ed Beckmann Friday, 17 February 2012 12:29

Getting a book published can be a frustrating process, although now there are so many more ways of bringing your idea to people’s attention.

I’m going to pop a few hints and tips here over the next few weeks so that you can slowly consider how you would like to get your ideas into the public at large.

Novelty and Imaginative Books

Even though many writers slave over copy for months or years, others can turn an novel idea into print with a lot less labour. Look at these 3 examples:

Everything Men Know About Women: 20th Anniversary Editon by Dr Alan Francis has an eye-catching cover and well-considered synopsis. And it has over 100 blank pages!
Not so good to re-read, it falls neatly into the novelty gift that can sell in 1,000’s if you get it displayed in the right places.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick (Portfolio Edition) by Chris van Allsburg has a minimalist approach but far more potential (IMO) for its target market in children’s books. A title, indistinct picture and the fist line are all that you are given for each story in the book, and they form the invitation for the reader to make up the rest of the tale.
I have linked to the special portfolio edition but there is a lower-priced option.

The Complete Book of Questions and the very similar The Book of Questions (by different authors) offer no answers Рjust pages of questions that give the reader the opportunity to challenge themselves or companions about their values, experiences and ambitions. Excellent for starting some profound conversations or moral debates either alone or in a group.

It is also amusing that a good idea can be imitated more easily than a storyline!

All these are different ideas whose value lies in the thoughts they trigger, not the word count.

Have fun with your book ideas!