Kindle for business use?

Written by Ed Beckmann Thursday, 31 May 2012 01:18

Using Kindle for Business

Kindles are getting more and more popular for personal use, but I did a bit of research to find out how to use a kindle device for business. Here are some thoughts that I came up with:

  • Remember that a kindle can read a pdf document, so you could have a load of reference information and manuals on there
  • If your admin systems produce a lot of documents it makes sense for them to circulate in pdf – they cannot be altered so easily (avoiding ‘my version is different’ situations) and of course they can be consistently read by almost everyone without software compatability problems
  • If you want to produce pdf consistently use the libre office suite, which is a whole office suite available free of charge and can open / save doc, docx, open doc (like google docs) and pdf as well as excel (xls) and powerpoint (ppt)
  • If you get a 3g version (a sort of built-in internet connection), you can pick up an email address if you use google mail. Google is viewed by many as a sensible way to run your email system, and of course it copes with business addresses as well as ones. This can save a fortune in wifi access in hotels and internet cafes (when you can find them)
  • Catch up on the news whilst you are travelling – pick up copies of the main newspapers to read as you are travelling
  • Make notes with it – whether when thinking alone or in meetings, where a flat pad is so much less intrusive than a laptop

Battery life is significant as anyone who has sat in a meeting with a laptop knows. Either you become a trip hazard, go flat or sit in a corner because that has the nearest safe mains connection. Kindles last for absolutely ages, and most times you don’t need multimedia capability to make a few meeting notes.

So in my view there is a business case for someone who does not need to be tied to a mains connection every few hours, but needs to keep in touch with information and people using good old black-and-white text.

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