Looking for grants – 10 key questions

Written by Ed Beckmann Friday, 27 January 2012 11:08

10 Questions to Ask Before you Apply for Funding

Taken from an article by Funding Central

When a funding opportunity presents itself, it is tempting to go for it even if it isn’t quite right. But it takes a huge amount of resources to apply for grants. If we chased every opportunity, we would waste time and money we could better spend elsewhere and wouldn’t do justice to those opportunities which are most important. So resist doing what you can get a grant for and make a plan, which you could slightly adapt tot suit the needs of grant funders. As soon as your idea begins to lose its value by fitting a grant – stick with your idea first.

The most important decision we have to make when looking at opportunities is whether to apply or not. In his acclaimed book Good to Great and the Social Sectors (Random House, 2006) business-guru Jim Collins outlines the Hedgehog Concept: The essence of the Hedgehog Concept is to attain piercing clarity about how to produce the best long-term results, and then exercising the relentless discipline to say “No thank you” to opportunities that fail the hedgehog test.’ He goes on to say there are three main elements underpinning that decision about when to say “no”: what you are deeply passionate about what your are best in the world at, and what makes best sense financially. Only you can make that decision – but we have outlined 10 questions you can ask yourself (and your colleagues) before applying for any grant (or contract) which might help you reach a decision.

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