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Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 10:59 Written by Ed Beckmann Wednesday, 12 January 2011 10:59

Would you like to join in with the online classroom that simply has developed?


We are really proud of our website – how it works and how the material is written. We would love to work with you to make your learning experience even better, and there are several ways in which we can make this happen:

  • maybe you have particular expertise that would complement the modules that we already offer. If so, you could become an accredited provider with your material hosted here and made available to simply work for yourself subscribers. See this link for more information
  • perhaps you have your own training materials that you would like to offer your employees or volunteers using this very interactive virtual classroom. Knowing how important it is to get both the platform right and adapting the materials to make the most of it, we would be happy to work with your development team to set up your own resource
  • maybe you run a training and development company and can imagine how well a virtual classroom can complement the face-to-face work that you do. We can help to deliver a solution that your clients can access but is branded and managed by you.

Our resources are open source and widely available and for that we have a huge number of people worldwide to thank. We can make the resources work for you with our imagination and experience in thoughtful course design that matches the style of your users.

Contact us on partners@sw4y.co.uk with the nature of your interest, so that we can start to explore the possibilities.


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