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The simply work for yourself team are all passionate about our ethos, to make working for yourself work for you.

So we all do a range of other things as well as collaborate with simply; we work from home and share tasks online; we perform our roles at times to suit us and manage the administration and communication with the same collaborative tools and open source software* that you see on this site.

Claire Beckmann – Proofing and learning support consultant

Claire’s speciality is learning support. Her expertise helps us keep the language that we use easy to follow and she tirelessly corrects the grammar in our course material. So if you see a mistake it is probably because we updated it and she has not yet had time to check or correct it.

Ed Beckmann – Business Coach. InterweaveEd Beckmann

Ed is the founder, main author of the material and coach who makes the bulk of the postings in the forums.

His training in accountancy covered four years in practice, preparing the accounts for a variety of businesses, and was followed by some ten years in industry, where he had hands-on experience of setting up computerised systems and managing the finance and ICT of a major learning and skills agency.

Immersed in the world of learning, he took qualifications in teaching, coaching and the psychology of personality and communication and progressed to leadership and management development in the corporate world. He returned to the world of employment for five years as a business advisor with Business Link, working with several hundred small businesses, and is one of a limited number of people nationally qualified to NVQ level 4 in Business Advice.

He is guest lecturer in Enterprise at the University of Winchester and his other company Interweave Now Ltd was awarded funding to deliver training for European grants in 2009 – 2010.

Sarah Bingham – virtual PA. Curadmin Ltd

Sarah helps Ed take all our ideas forward without losing focus on delivering the courses themselves. As you can imagine, opportunities and ideas for helping businesses in even more ways crop up all of the time. Sarah collects these flights of fancy and does the research and scheduling to make them happen.

Goodness knows how she does this for several companies!

Adrian Bridgett – Systems administrator and IT guru. Bitcube Ltd

Adrian’s clarity of thinking and thoroughly professional approach is the reason that our servers work as well as they do. He specialises in Systems Administration, particularly Puppet, which does something clever when you need to maintain complex systems.

Ann Brine – Marketing Mentor. AMB Marketing

Naomi Coombes, Undergraduate studying at the University of Liverpool

Without Naomi the course material does not get converted from my text files into the more readable pages that you see in the courses. Naomi keeps us up-to-date with life as a student, and enthralled with her experiences travelling, diving, doing wildlife surveys and playing with her Welsh pony in a magical way.

Come to think about it, how does she get time to study?

Toby James – creative developer. Toby James Creative

Before you get to Moodle, the front pages manage all our updates and blog postings. Toby makes both parts of the puzzle look the same, and helps keep those bits working.

Lisa Koning – Visual Design

Ed comes up with an idea for the look and feel of something, and Lisa brings it to life with the right balance of colours and space.

Davo Smith – Learning systems developer. davodev

Moodle, the system that our site is based on, is fantastic and used in thousands of colleges and universities worldwide. What is great is that, being open source software, we can make any improvements we fancy and then give them back to make the product even better for everyone.

Davo is the guy who knows how to push the limits of what Moodle can do and makes our ideas workable.

Ailsa Wiggans – HR Consultant, co-Coach for residential modules. Active Solutions


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