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Student opportunity – enterprise course focus group

We’ve nearly finished our online course in enterprise, and are looking for students to join a focus group* before launching in early 2011. This invites you to access the course as it is built, so that you can gain from it as early as possible. In return we’d like your feedback.

You can get involved as much as you like, so here are a few guidelines as a start:

  • the course has a very practical and down-to-earth approach. Therefore it is more help to you if you want to run your own business than if you want to gain academic knowledge
  • the software that we run on is moodle, which is very likely to be the one that you use on your campus (which may be called something like your ‘learning network’). So you are likely to know how to use it!
  • we will appreciate comments on the design, style of language we use as well as feedback on course content, and of course your ideas and enthusiasm to spread the word about it
  • we will be happy to give you a report confirming you have helped, which you will be free to use as evidence in job applications
  • we will give you free access to all of the learning resources, until three months after we all consider the course ‘ready for market’
  • you will be credited on the site and in appropriate press information if you wish
  • being on the focus group is generally unpaid, but if you can add extra skills (e.g. if you create any artwork or diagrams that we use, or have a really great idea that you help implement) we could pay you

What to do now

Pop your details in the form below, with a brief description of your skills and what your interest is, for more details. We need your email address to get back to you (we do not add enquirers to a marketing list or pass them on to anyone else).

We will send you a user name and password as soon as we are ready to test (hopefully by late February 2011)

* a focus group is a number of people who volunteer to give feedback to the business on a new product or service. They keep it real and focused on the customer!

Many thanks

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