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Forthcoming course, Getting Grant Funding (due May 2012)

We are really excited about this course. Having been involved with RDPE LEADER funding for several years, both supporting people who wanted to make a grant application and performing appraisals on other applications for several LEADER areas, we were awarded some funding towards providing an online course.

The online course is special because instead of just telling you how to complete the forms, we have designed the material to help you understand the overall process behind applying for grants – this means that you will find it useful for any other grant source, like the Heritage Lottery Fund, Sport England, the Arts Council, the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and many others.

Anyone using the course also has complimentary use of the Simply work for yourself community zone, where you can interact with everyone who we work with whether a business or not-for-profit organisation.

Your local LEADER group may already fund your fees for this course – if not, just ask them to get in touch with us and we will try to make that happen. Even if they cannot pay your fees, you will find that the low price will give you a lot better understanding about how to apply for a grant, save you time and probably give you a better chance of success.

You can access the get to the site by clicking on the link here.


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