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Understanding Business Tax

Whilst the UK Inland Revenue has many very useful guides to read online, it will be worthwhile to take a look at their free webinars. Below is the text of an email I have just received from them.

Remember that although the basics of business taxation are not as daunting as you might think, it makes sense to use professional help for at least the first few years of your business.

HMRC can help you understand tax and what you need to do through free webinars including:

  • My  self-employed journey with HMRC,
  • Business expenses for the self-employed,
  • Capital allowances for the self-employed and
  • How to complete your first online tax return.

Read more about HMRC live webinars where you can ask our experts questions whilst you are online or Find out about our library of pre-recorded webinars which you can watch anytime.

How to view an HMRC webinar

All you need to do is enter your name and email address to sign up and neither HMRC or CITRIX who’s software we use to host the webinars will ask for or keep any information about you or your business.

If you would like to provide some initial feedback or unsubscribe from the education email service please complete our feedback form:

Go to education email feedback form

Colin Ford

HM Revenue & Customs

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Making Use of the Festive Break

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This is the time of year when you are likely to receive two phases of emails, tweets and blog postings. Phase one (roundabout now) provides a handy list of the business tasks you can do whilst relatively undisturbed or less hectic with meetings. Phase two happens throughout January, and it includes 101 benefits and uses of setting goals and targets for the forthcoming year.

I would like to suggest an alternative to lining up these recommendations, lists and tasks – PAUSE AND LOOK AROUND YOU.

But I love my business

Most of us who run a business do. We have all heard some people in business saying “it’s not really a job, I would do it anyway”, and that may apply to you.

My invitation is to be really honest with yourself and become very aware of the things that you would love to do if your business disappeared for a month without any harm. If you need a help starting your awareness, try exploring the headings of leisure, sport, health, family, friends, your community.

What do I do?

Carry a notebook and pen (electronic stuff tends to have close work links so can be distracting), and as you spend more time thinking about non-business life, jot down the new things that you start to notice. Maybe “call old frinds2, “take a walk”, “read a book”, “try a new recipe”. You will gradually rediscover the activities you used to enjoy when you spent less time on the business.

Even better, instead of writing notes just get up and enjoy the reading, chatting, running or tasting.

What if I have a good business idea?

Well, make a note of it but resist the temptation to dash to the computer and act further. The idea will not get lost – just dealt with after your break.

What will the result be?

Strangely enough, this may take you back to the times of a junior employee – when a day off was a day off, a holiday was just that.

You may not start 2012 with goals or marketing plans, but you may just rediscover the reasons you do what you do. That is worth quite a lot.

Whatever your faith or traditions, enjoy the festive break!

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Harlow Business Exhibition 12th June 2012

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Harlow Business Exhibition 12th June 2012


The biggest business event in the Harlow area at the Manor of Groves, Sawbridgeworth.

With over 100 Stands and an expected 750 visitors, this is a must for all local businesses and consumers.

There will also be a programme of Seminars.

Free for visitors.

Learn more about Business Marketing with The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book

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