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Internet Sales

As we lead up to the festive season a lot of people will be buying and selling online.

If your business relies on internet sales, or (selling online) then you need to know about website compliance – distance selling regulations that will apply to you. There are loads of guides to do with website marketing and how to sell online, but it is well worth reading a good guide on how to comply with the rules and regulations that protect people who buy online.

Online Selling Rules

Items bought via your online shop will be subject to the Distance Selling Regulations, and there is a lot of information in the Distance Selling Hub run by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in the UK. The five key principles below are taken from the OFT website and if you want to find out if you are doing the right thing, click our links and go straight to the web compliance tips on their website.

We will add more posts when they issue more guidance on internet sales or internet rules and laws.

Excerpt from the OFT site:

Five of the simplest ways to make your website more compliant with distance selling regulations are by doing the following:

Providing a full geographic address

Providing a proper email contact address
Flagging up hidden or unexpected charges early in the buying process

Being clear and open about cancellation rights

Providing a full refund plus refund of delivery charges when things go wrong

Click here for more information on how to make sure your website is clear and accurate

As you can see – straightforward, practical and useful reminders. Do please google+ or rccommend this page using the links below to share it with your contacts.

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Make your web pages faster

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Over the last few years internet connections and good browsers (like Google Chrome and Firefox) have become faster and enabled website designers to include high quality images, movement and interactivity. However,  this has led to bloated, poorly-written pages that are unusable on slower connections, especially mobile devices or public hotspots.

This article by the BBC highlights the problem.

How do you optimise a web page?

Balance good content and simplicity of web page construction. You should:

  • decide how you want your pages to serve your visitors and ensure that both you and the web designer question the value of each element on the page
  • remember that machines supporting flash have been dwindling since 2010 so have a very good reason to use it
  • be selective in using special fonts. Although attractive, some of the techniques to show them add a lot to page size
  • use skilled web designers. Many can set up a web page; some can make it look good; fewer people combine the skills of layout, language to attract search engines and concise page coding. As a test, ask your designer to explain from the source code how a page works. You don’t need to follow their explanation, just note how they try to answer you
  • use commercial quality page design packages or get pages coded directly in html. Many free website programs or templates result in poorly-written pages which may not work on all browsers
  • limit pages to a specific size, especially the main landing pages

What if I have large web pages?

People will not bother to load it, let alone read it. Because you have no control over the speed of your visitors’ connection assume it is slow. Remember, looking at pages on your designer’s big screen can be very misleading.


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Harlow Business Exhibition 12th June 2012

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Harlow Business Exhibition 12th June 2012

The biggest business event in the Harlow area at the Manor of Groves, Sawbridgeworth.

With over 100 Stands and an expected 750 visitors, this is a must for all local businesses and consumers.

There will also be a programme of Seminars.

Free for visitors.

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