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Do you wish that you could do more for your community group or social enterprise?

running community groups

As more and more charitable and local groups fight for funds, their volunteers have to get more efficient in the way that they operate, and learn how to apply for grant funding.

If you are a leading member of one of these groups, maybe you would like to be able to combine the efficiency of a good business with the spirit of a not-for-profit organisation.

We have deliberately developed the Simply Work for Yourself material so you can select the topics that will help you become more efficient, and adapt them to fit the ethos of your organisation.

running community groups

Apart from the profit motive,  businesses and not-for-profit organisations have a lot of things  are common, including the need for a clear sense of direction; appealing to the right people; managing the finances for the long term and keeping the volunteers or employees motivated.

The modules on this website will let you assess where you are, confirm where you want to go and select the material to help you get there. Although a lot of our text uses business terms, rest assured that many of the skills apply to a not-for-profit business, and where they differ we have separate materials for you. The forums allow you to mix either with all organisations, or just those with a social purpose.

The forums will let you get tips from the types of business you might never encounter, and you also have a not-for-profit section for people like you.

All the material is accessible when you subscribe, and you can return to a section many times to get more and more from it.

When you have read more about the site here you can choose to access the first module free of charge for seven days, or make your first investment of £95 to access all the material for three months.


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