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Getting Grant Funding

We have a lot of experience with the process of getting grant funding, with community or not-for-profit organisations and commercial businesses. We can help you understand the grant process with our step-by step guide. This has been written to strip away the jargon and help you apply for the funding that you need.

You can choose one of two ways to access this help – by considering the LEADER RDPE initiative or by taking the most from our run a business course.

LEADER Rural Grant Funding


We are proud to have been awarded EU funding by two areas to deliver training for this initiative. You can find out more from the links below, and the key way to access this course is by asking your local area to get in touch with us. If the LEADER initiative does not operate in your area or they will not fund your access this support, then do get in touch with us and we can discuss it. And even if LEADER funding is not available in your area, you may find that a lot of the explanations will be valuable help in applying for other grant schemes.

What is the LEADER Rural Grants Initiative?

In England there is £3.9 billion available as grants for farming, food, forestry, small businesses and community projects. The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) runs until 2013 and the grants are co-ordinated by local groups. Click here to find out if there is a LEADER group in your area.

Some LEADER groups subscribe to this site, which leads you through the application process step-by-step and lets you discuss things with other people who are in the grant process. This will give you a better chance of making a good application and is free of charge.

If you already have registration details then log in now.

If not, and your area is listed below, click on the links to ask them to get you access. If your area is not listed below then do contact them and enquire whether they could get access to this website for you.

Loddon and Eversley – North East Hampshire

The Run a Business Course

Despite its name, this course has sections that have been written for not-for-profit organisations. It is a very comprehensive course that can be done in small chunks. If you choose this, you can select just the sections you need to make a good grant funding application. It is only charged by the time that you spend on the course, so you can decide how much to invest.

When you have read more about the site here you can choose to access the first module free of charge for seven days, or make your first investment of £50 to access everything for three months.


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