from small beginnings

Have you been your own boss for a while, and want to take the next steps?

taking your business to the next level

Not every entrepreneur starts off wanting rapid growth into premises, employment and high finance.

Whether you have been proving a concept, settling in to a new routine or adjusting to different circumstances, you might now be ready to build a bigger, more challenging business.

We believe that:

  • there are no right or wrong ways of doing things
  • working for yourself should work for you, not disrupt your life
  • asking intelligent questions at the right time will lead to good results
  • a good course should recognise your existing skills and experience
  • because you need to learn new skills at different times, you should be able to dip in and out of the content
  • discussion forums and the ability to share feedback and experiences makes working for yourself a lot less lonely
  • well-designed material provides new insights each time you visit it and isn’t put to one side as ‘completed’.

This course contains a selection of self-assessment checks, information, discussion prompts, surveys and an encouraging community of users. All the material is accessible when you subscribe, and you can return to a section many times to get more and more from it.

When you have read more about the site here you can choose to access the first module free of charge for seven days, or make your next business investment of £95 to access all the material for three months.


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