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Why not leave your studies to go straight into a business where you are the boss?

Many people now find that they have a great idea and, as soon as their studies are finished (sometimes even before), they want to get up and running as an entrepreneur.

If you have a good business idea, you may already have looked at some textbooks, reference information and business courses. The problem is, it can often feel as if they are telling you to do it in a very prescribed way, when you have your own creative ideas and style that you might just want to develop a little.

Our course is different. You can check out what you already know, explore practical ways to take the next steps and decide how much detail or new things that you want to consider.

Additionally you can discuss your experiences and discoveries with other people around the country using our chat rooms and forums. It will feel as if there is a whole load of support there when you need it, but with the freedom to work in your own way until you want help. Studying just when you need to means that you can still learn by your experiences, but you should have fewer of the unhelpful ones!

When you have read more about the site here you can choose to access the first module free of charge for seven days, or make your first investment of £95 to access everything for three months.

Have fun exploring our campus!


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