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Thank you for coming here from the great Start Your Own Business website. SYOB is a fantastic resource of reference information and knowledge, and we are working together to give you yet another resource to help you start up or grow your business – an online learning community.

Because you have come from the SYOB website, you are entitled to two month’s use of the course free of charge.

The course includes:

  • information on the 7 key areas you need to know to run a business
  • progressive levels of knowledge to dip into as your businesses progresses
  • quick guides on a wealth of issues, from working out the finances you need to getting on the web
  • discussion forums, where you can share experiences with people just like you
  • open communication with other members yet privacy from unwanted spam
  • self-checks where you can assess what you know, and what you need to learn in your particular situation

We have written this to be a source of support, collaboration and inspiration to grow with your business for many years to come – register below now to receive your access code and start learning. We will send you login details within 48 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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