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This page has two sets of links – services that we have heard about which you might want to explore; and services we have used.

Services for information

Services we have used

Here are links to some of the services which we have used and are happy to pass on. For full details of our listing policies please see the notes below. Links only appear on this page on merit!

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  1. We happily include links to services that we have used, or which have been referred to us by a legitimate source. It is not our policy to ‘exchange links’ just by request, so please do not waste your time asking
  2. We will not list a link for a fee, only on merit. Where we do have advertising blocks on pages, they are clearly identified as such
  3. Listing the links does not imply that they suit your particular situation – use the information, and make your own decisions accordingly
  4. We only list a link because it justifies it. If a linked organisation that genuinely impresses also wants to pay us for sales that stem from our site (an affiliate scheme), we will mark it with a *. But note point 2. So please help us keep our course fees down by using the affiliate links when you eventually buy
  5. If you find something great that we should know about (and you have no business interest arising) please let us know


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